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Expertise Summary

Our expertise is in:

  • simulating different market mechanisms for electricity trading and control of Smart Energy Systems, including a day-ahead open market
  • optimising device operation and bid strategies on electricity markets (revenue management)
  • network capacity optimisation at a TSO level (capacity planning)
  • optimising the amount of stand-by ancillary services (reserve power) for day-ahead dispatching
  • translating information to useful predictions (sensor networks)

Status update

  • Sept 20 - XML-based simulation link successfully set up between two terminals at CWI.
  • Sept 14 - We have officially launched the Virtual Smart Grid wiki by inviting all partners of the European VSG Lab.

Currently available simulators

Services On Offer

Send us cost functions of generators or loads and we will send you back a market price. 
Services Requested

We are interested in data streams from living labs for data mining and temporal pattern recognition.

We are looking for simulators from other partners, which we will be able to connect to our electricity market simulator (CLEMEL).
For example, simulators of:
* power supply from PV installations or wind turbines (separate units or aggregated parks)
* power demand from electric vehicles that are able to adjust their behaviour in response to a market price (price-based demand response)
* smart buildings with price-based demand response

Simulation tools in development

Services On Offer

Choose a desired market mechanism, send us cost functions of generators or loads and we will send you back market prices
Services Requested

We are looking for:
* intelligent agents to connect to our market mechanisms
* models that describe network topologies of the physical grid.
* real world data of supply and demand

Ongoing co-simulations

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