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DFKI was founded in 1988 and today is one of the largest non-profit research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). With offices in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Bremen, and Berlin, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ranks among the important "Centers of Excellence" worldwide. R&D is carried out in 11 DFKI research labs dedicated to research on, among others, Image Understanding and Pattern Recognition, Knowledge Management, Information Systems, and Robotics.

At DFKI’s Robotics-Innovation Center (RIC) in Bremen (www.dfki.de/robotics) more than 100 scientists, engineers and technicians work, among others, on the development of technologies for electric vehicles and intelligent mobility. DFKI is part of the coordination team for the national Pilot Region vor Electromobility Bremen / Oldenburg and involved in a number of projects related to the development, demonstration, and evaluation of technologies for (electro)mobility. The project NeMoLand investigates the applicability of electric vehicles with a focus on rural areas.

Expertise Summary

In NeMoLand, the main research topics include:

  • Long-term field tests of electric vehicles to gather data about vehicle performance and user behaviour
  • Development and testing of new technologies (e.g. smart charging, innovative vehicle designs, vehicle autonomy)
  • Development of models and simulations
  • Socio-economic evaluation of electromobility in rural areas
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