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Please post links to your shared data sets and streams below.

  • '''Flex Street''' (data set from CWI)
    • Data set comprising both measured and simulated energy consumption profiles for the duration of one year (at 15 minute intervals). The data include 400 residential homes, 360PHEVs, 400 washing machines, 400 dishwashers, and 400 different heat request profiles for heating and cooking. In addition, there are production profiles for both PV (60 minutes intervals) and wind (10 minutes intervals).
    • Contact person: Felix Claessen (CWI)
  • Fortiss Living Lab data set:
    • Data set comprises various measurements related to environmental conditions, power consumption and occupancy.
    • Contact person: Dagmar Koss (FORTISS)
  • Peer Energy Cloud data set
    • Expected soon.
    • Contact person: Joerg Baus (DFKI)
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