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Connecting the Labs & Conducting Remote Experiments


Remote Experiments

  • Observational: Making data (obtained from test sites or living labs) accessible to other partners;
    • Typically:
      • Initiative and control remain at the hosting (hardware)lab;
      • Resulting data streams are broadcast to interested parties;
    • Examples:
      • Siemens Smart Grid Showroom
      • Trento
  • Participatory but Asynchronous (Off-line)
    • Typically:
      • The script for an experiment is submitted to a partner lab, where (upon approval) it is performed (hence, each partner can be the initiator, but the control remains at the hardware host);
      • The results are then communicated to the requesting lab (not necessarily in real time);
    • Examples
  • Interactive remote experiments
    • Typically:
      • The hardware resources at the remote host are directly controlled (over the internet) by another partner;
      • The results are communicated in real time to the initiator;
    • Notes
      • This type of application carries obvious risks, and will require appropriate safety and security measures.
    • Examples
      • Demand-side management

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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