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TU Berlin campus.

TU Berlin is one of the three major universities of Berlin. The main campus of TU Berlin is located in the very heart of the city in walking distance to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the famous boulevard Kurfürstendamm. Berlin’s largest park, the Tiergarten, adjoins the campus together with the Landwehrkanal, one of the branches of the river Spree.

The Chair of SENSE (Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy) is engaged in the modeling of pioneering power and energy system concepts that are characterized by sustainability, economics, and robustness at the heart of our research. In particular, forward-looking solutions are opened up for the integration of renewable energy and storage in local as well as global network and market structures. As the underlying fundamental paradigms, ground-breaking methodologies of simulation and optimization are developed for the planning as well as operation of integrative energy systems.


Expertise Summary

The SENSE main research topics include:

  • Optimization of networks with renewable energy and storage
  • Cache-storage in power systems
  • Non-sampling stochastic network modeling
  • Multi-scale modeling of networks
  • Benchmarking of distributed energy systems
  • Optimal horizon planning of distribution networks

Smart Grid Lab

The E-MERGE Laboratory (Electro-Mobile Energy Resources in Grids of Electricity) is a real distribution feeder, with focus on integration of electric cars in distribution systems.

Scheme of Smart Grid Lab.


  • Power system reliability with integrated electric vehicles
  • Innovative power systems for future electricity supply
  • New grid/network devices

Research Topics:

  • Smart Grid: Evaluation of concepts, development of new devices,
  • Electric Vehicles: Integration of vehicle-to-grid applications, stress testing, evaluation of fault impacts
  • New Grid Concepts: Interaction between neighboring distribution grid systems, hardware-in-the-loop simulations, direct current distribution grids

Lab Structure:

  • Transmission grid: modeled in real-time simulator
  • Distribution grid: hardware low voltage distribution feeder containing different load, storage and generation devices

Currently available simulators

Matlab simulation environment for transmission systems

Simulation tools in development

  • Hardware laboratory under construction for AC and DC distribution systems, smarthomes and electric cars
  • Research on using electric cars as intermediate energy storage
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