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Expertise summary

  • Agent middleware that can be used as the basis for large-scale distributed simulations, co-simulations and hardware in the loop demonstrators.
  • Computer science - algorithms for the distributed management of large-scale generation systems, including aggregation, dissemination and clustering.
  • Security - all aspects of security involved in distributed energy systems or experiments.

Currently available simulators

  • AgentScape – large-scale open distributed heterogeneous agent-based applications, with a focus on security issues.
  • AgentScope Experimentation environment: generic interface for running experiments to develop large-scale distributed agent systems, with a library of DER components focusing on Virtual Power Stations and dynamic configuration. Distributed experiments written using AgentScope can be run on AgentScape.
Services On Offer

Support using AgentScape/AgentScope.

Services Requested

Input on security issues encountered.

Simulation tools in development

Distribution and security issues for Imperial's remote lab experiments.

Experience Labs platform Distributed AgentScope/AgentScape experiment setup to connects live prosumer nodes and co-simulators being developed as part of the Experience Labs project.

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