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CREATE-NET, headquartered in Trento, Italy, is an international research center recognized as one of Europe’s leading institutions in ICT and telecommunications technologies. CREATE-NET’s mission is built around four key points that determine the direction of its Research, Engineering and Innovation activities:

  • Achieve Research excellence in ICT, with focus on telecommunications
  • Promote technology transfer towards the industry through Engineering of technologies & solutions
  • Promote Innovation to improve European high-tech competitiveness
  • Focus on key application areas and services with impact on quality of life for the global society

By creating synergies between leading academic institutions, research centers and ICT industry in Europe and around the world, CREATE-NET’s objective is to develop the highest quality research and innovation, while impacting communications-enabled services that improve the quality of life of the global society in focused application areas.

Expertise Summary

CREATE-NET looks at energy as one of the fields with the largest innovation potential for advanced information and communication technologies. In 2009 CREATE-NET launched an experimental activity aimed at developing innovative ICT solutions for the energy field, with a focus on smart grids. By working closely with local partners and industries active in smart grids, virtual power plants and micro co-generation technologies, CREATE-NET aims at fostering the growth of the local smart energy systems ecosystem.

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